Power Break* I Insulated Case Circuit Breaker [BR]

The GE line of Power Break Insulated case circuit breakers offers the rugged, reliable type of system protection critical for heavy-duty applications. Power Break circuit breakers are rated up to 200,000 amperes rms symmetrical interrupting capacity without fuses or current limiters. The Power Break design consists of five physical envelope sizes, providing protection from 100 to 4000 amperes.


NEW:  Kits to put a Power Break II into a Stationary Power Break I space- see Instruction Manual DEH-41502

For Drawout Applications, contact 888-GE4-SERV.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven Reliability
  • Interchangeable Trip System
  • Solid State Trip System
      - Accurate Sensing
      - Ambient Insensitive
      - Provides Power Management capabilities
      - Stationary or Draw out


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