Power/Vac** Replacement Vacuum Breakers [BR]

GE Power/Vac Vertical Lift (VL) breakers provide an economical and efficient way for customers to upgrade existing GE Magne-Blast Type AM (Air Magnetic) vertical lift circuit breakers. Magne-Blast breakers were manufactured by the Specialty Breaker Operation in Philadelphia between 1951 and 1980. Over 140,000 Magne-Blast breakers were installed in metalclad switchgear during these years at utilities, steel mills, paper mills, petrochemical plants, automotive plants, hospitals and in many other facilities around the world. GE's replacement Power/Vac VL vacuum breaker offers new, extended life for this installed switchgear by providing a direct replacement for aged Magne-Blast breakers. The VL replacement is a direct roll-in breaker requiring no equipment conversions; thus, reducing maintenance cost for existing switchgear as much as 50%.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct, roll-in assembly
  • Direct mechanical and electrical interchangeability with existing switchgear
  • All new components used in complete assembly; no retrofit kits or parts needed
  • Easy MVA upgrades
  • Minimum installation downtime
  • Economical solution for extended equipment life
  • Reduced breaker maintenance costs
  • Safe, reliable operation

Product Scope

  • VL breakers are rated either 5kV (250 MVA & 350 MVA as requested), or 15kV (500 to 1000 MVA)
  • These replacement breakers exceed all applicable ANSI/IEEE requirements for new general purpose breakers